Concerts are held at the Newbold Verdon Sports and Social Club, Main Street, Newbold Verdon LE9 9NP

Starting at 8.00pm on the first Friday of the month unless otherwise stated.

Doors open at 7.00pm


Admission £9.00

                             For more information you can contact Kelvin on 01455 822824 or Pauline on 0116  2865496

January 6th 2017 - Savannah Jazz Band

January 3rd - Savannah Jazz Band

February 7th - New Orleans Heat

A popular seven piece band playing the old style New Orleans jazz, recreating the music of the crescent city, be it a stomp, blues, hymn, spiritual or pop song of the day. In the style of the late great, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands.

There is never a shortage of fun, excitement and raw good music whenever the Savannah Jazz Band takes the stage. The Savannah is one of the most popular UK bands around. With their talent for satisfying listeners and dancers alike they have built up a truly international reputation at major festivals in the UK and overseas.

The band's driving and exciting New Orleans style attracts large audiences whenever they play. Their many fans follow them from festival to festival and turn out devotedly to see them at regular venues in the UK. This tremendous support is very much appreciated by the band. They have a varied ever changing program, and are constantly adding new numbers to their extremely wide repertoire. The Savannah Jazz Band is never predictable!

March 6th - Tenement Jazz Band

Tenement Jazz band are a traditional jazz band formed in early 2018 in Edinburgh.  Brought together by their shared love of New Orleans music, and comprising musicians from various corners of Edinburgh’s vibrant jazz scene, they are on a journey of exploration back to the roots of the music that they play.

Their aims are to capture the raw energy and excitement of the early jazz recordings, to find and revive lesser-heard songs and cultivate their own interpretations of these, all in order to captivate experienced jazzers, dancing persons, and uninitiated ears alike.

April 3rd - New Orleans Jazz Bandits

Formed out of the retired trombonist Colin Kingwell's long established band.  The band now being led by the legendary drummer Malc Murphy has a refreshingly distinctive sound, based on the New Orleans jazz style, which is recognised and appreciated by jazz enthusiasts and connoisseurs everywhere

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